Robin Macdonald, Canadian-born adventurer, captures the far-reaches of this world through photography and film. From the snow-covered Karsnaya Polyana Mountains distilling those adrenaline-filled moments of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi to memorializing the holy ancient rituals of the Varanasi people on the banks of the Ganges River, his work blends his own spirit for adventure balanced by the introspection, curiosity, and subtleties of the man behind the lens.

Robin’s very own adventure started at the age of 14 when he picked up his first camera to capture the world around him—and the pursuit never ended. Today, with two dogs by his side, Robin continues to explore the boundless adventures in this ever-growing world. He aims at connecting people to those seemingly unreachable yet authentic places, delivering that existential spirit which defines human existence: adventure and exploration. In his work, Robin enables the mind and aesthetic senses to act, feel, and live the seemingly impossible moments and emotions that define the world before us.

His versatile skills and ingenuity has landed him nationally recognized clients, campaigns and projects that include producing content for the following:

NBC Universal
National Geographic
Sony (Action Cam)
Outdoor Channel
Inside Edition
Condé Nast
World Snowboard Tour
Monster Energy
Red Bull
United States Olympic Committee
Rolling Stone Magazine
People Magazine
US weekly
Inked Magazine
Fetch Magazine
New York Post
Joely Collin’s award-winning drama series: “Coded”
Fresh Pet Dog Food
Modern Dog

Robin currently resides in Vancouver, B.C., with his two dogs, Jake and Mishka, known to the world as The Sochi Pups.